V2 Desktop

V2 desktop is for building with our standard tracking, including support for OSX, Linux, and tool tracking. A legacy OSX VR integration is also available.
For Unity assets that are compatible with V2, click here.
If you're using Windows and don’t require tool tracking, we recommend Leap Motion Orion and our Orion Unity Assets.
Newer VR demos will not work with V2.
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Leap Motion SDK v2.3.1.31549
Leap Motion SDK v2.3.0.31543
Leap Motion SDK v2.2.7.30199
Leap Motion SDK v2.2.6.29154
Leap Motion SDK v2.2.5.26752
Leap Motion SDK v2.2.4.26750
Leap Motion SDK v2.2.3.25971
Leap Motion SDK v2.2.2.24469
Leap Motion SDK v2.2.1.24116
Leap Motion SDK v2.2.0.23485
Leap Motion SDK v2.2.0.23475
Leap Motion SDK v1.2.0.10973

V2 Stable Release Notes

What's New

  • Images are now on by default
  • Fixed gesture parameters in C#/Unity
  • Fix for Software log and issue report windows preventing shut down on Mac
  • Fix for App Home crash on Mac when disk full message appears
  • Automatic power saving now appears in the software log when triggered
  • Added App Store button when searching App Home for apps not present