An experimental installation game for 2 players

#3DJam - this app can be downloaded through the developers Itch.io page.

Available for both Windows and OSX.


Underhanded is a game for two people and two hands.

You must find and steal four artworks from inside a closed vault without being seen. An alarm will go off the moment any thieving hands are seen inside the vault, so don't get caught!

Try and fool the eyes inside the box by bringing your hands together in different positions to disguise them. Play with someone who you trust will protect your hands from being seen, it is not easy to stay invisible!

Made for the Leap Motion 3D Jam by Amani Naseem and Harrison Smith.

Installation instructions

  1. Find or build a cardboard box. It should be around 100 cm on the sides and 50 cm in height.
  2. Make two holes halfway up one of the sides of the box. The holes should be large enough for arms to fit through and about 20 cm apart. Make them smooth on the edges. You can use some tape on the rough edges.
  3. Paint or line the box completely in black.
  4. Ask some artists to create at least 4 beautiful and original artworks on pieces of cardboard around 15 x 15 cm and put them inside the box.
  5. Attach the leap motion to the lid of the box in the middle, facing downwards into the box. You can use the head mounted display case to stick it there.
  6. Players can be blindfolded (optional) and shown the holes in the side of the box. Each player can choose which arm the will use.
  7. Make sure the players will be comfortable with touching each others arms and hands.
  8. Game runner can stop and start the game as needed. The game is over the moment a hand is seen inside the vault.

Constructed using :
Leap Motion
Unity (SDK to detect hands and play sound)
Recycled Cardboard to assemble the box and items
Original artworks