Touch Everything

Turn anything into a touchscreen
Download Executable Available for Windows.

Available for Windows.

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Turn anything into a touchscreen with this experiment that uses a Leap Motion Controller as a touchscreen substitute.

If the touch object(s) or the Leap Motion Controller are moved you will have to remap their positions, so it is recommended to secure them in place. Scotch tape lengthwise on the base of the Leap Motion Controller works well, but be careful not to cover the window at the top as this will affect tracking performance.

Setup Instructions:

  • Point at one corner of the object you want to turn into a button and press [1] on your keyboard. With your other hand press [Enter] to map the first point.
  • Point at another corner and press [2] then [Enter] to map the second point.
  • Point at another corner and press [3] then [Enter] to map the third point.
  • Press [S] to save this as a finalized button.

If the button shape you've defined doesn't match the general size and orientation you intended you can press [Backspace] to delete it after saving.

Press [D] to switch between the debug/config screen and the working area.

Developed by:
The Family