The Crow

The Ancient Bird Gods of the past created and once inhabited these lands

#3DJam - this app can be downloaded through the developers page. Available for Windows!

The Crow

Diorion has been home to the Animal Kingdom for as long as time has been recorded.The Ancient Bird Gods of the past created and once inhabited the lands many cycles ago. It is now home to the seven bird factions and their ground brethren.

The Bird Gods, before leaving Diorion , constructed Akatan. A pyramidal structure that was built on the Eastern Hemisphere of the planet, to house a Guardian Phoenix who would lay dormant keeping the planetary core burning and resisting the frozen forces from the West.

There is much to discover neophyte. Diorion is harnessing a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence engine that gives life to the planet's inhabitants. Each Non-Player-Character has basic needs and must perform their purpose for the survival of their faction (food gathering, building supplies, population, faction standing, prisoners, etc. NPC's are freely roaming within factions, interacting with the environment trying to survive just like you.

As the player, you have the ability to influence all aspects of this integrated game world. There is plenty to explore and many quests to be completed (hunting, gathering, building) and along the way you will encounter many friends and foes. Only you, as The Crow, can set your path and ultimately the fate and balance of Diorion.

There is plenty to explore, including mini-games, items to collect, levels to progress through, stats to increase, reputations to gain, friends and enemies to be made and many other events and quests to be completed. You will encounter many friends and foes, it will be your decisions that shall set your path during your journey.