Simple OSC demo

Simple OSC demo using the LeapMotionP5 from Neurogami
Download Executable Available for Windows.

Simple OSC Demo

Available for Windows only.

This sketch shows how to create your own Listener class, customize it to grab the data of interest (as well tell it what gestures to track), and make assorted state available through public class instance methods.

It follows a common approach to writing a Processing sketch: Initialize assorted variables in setup, then have the code in draw decide what to do on each invocation.

The "Leap smarts" is in the SimpleOSCListener class. In this case it looks for an open-handed sweep gesture, as well as for finger pinching.

Using the sketch

First, please keep in mind that this is a demo sketch intended to show some ways to interact with the LeapMotionP5 library. It is important that it work, and be reasonably useful, but it is hardly feature-complete.

The demo using Configgy to load the file data\config.jsi. That file defines a number of key data, such as as IP address and port of the OSC server (here assumed to be a local instance of Renoise).

The sketch explores the idea of an app having multiple states; the results of some user interaction depends on the current state.

The sketch starts in state 0, and you "roll over" to the next state by sweeping your hand up. When the last state is reached then state rolls over again to 0. The current state number is rendered in the upper-left corner of the sketch window.

The config file uses the states entry to map states to a set of OSC message templates. The example is fairly simple; each set of messages send a pair of messages to an "XY Pad" effect on different tracks. You sweep you hand up to change what track will be the recipient of the messages.

If you pinch your fingers then the X and Y Leap Motion coordinates (remapped to the range -1.0 to 1.0) are sent.


Renoise is DAW software. It is also a tracker.

It is a terrific tool for creating and performing music. If you do not have it then you can download a free demo version.

The demo has a few restrictions but nothing that will prevent you from loading the sample song and playing around with the example.

The demo song

This track was created in order to have some simple but usable for the demo.

The song (and Renoise file) is copyright James Britt / Neurogami

It is provided under the Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA


Learn more about OSC at

Copyright and license

Copyright James Britt / Neurogami

The code is released under the MIT license

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