JWildfire Fractal Software

Create your own fractals!
Download Executable Available for Windows.

Executable available for Windows 64-bit only currently, please visit this project's GitHub page for Linux, Mac and Windows 32-bit.

The new release 2.50 of the free JWildfire-software now supports also the Leap Motion Controller for animating fractals.

There is a new tab to control which motion-property should affect which fractal-property. You can then view the result in realtime and also record it.
After recording the motion is stored as a set of motion-curves bound to the fractal. This animated fractals can then be rendered in order to generate animations of high quality.
If your fractal is 2D you can even use Chaotica to render it (produces very nice results in less time).

Example-video, rendered with Chaotica
Leap Motion Integration Documentation
JWildfire Wiki