Firework Factory VR (Demo)

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Customize virtual fireworks, share your favorites, and watch them explode!
Download Executable Available for Windows and OSX.

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In the Firework Factory, you can customize virtual fireworks, share your favorites, watch them explode from any angle, and even control time itself! Drift slowly amongst bullet-time fireworks passing by, get up-close-and-personal with the most explosive fireworks, view a slow zen-like firework implosion, or anywhere in-between.

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Firework Factory VR features a next-generation, holographic menu interface (built using the Hover VR Interface Kit) that responds to the position of your fingers. Using a Leap Motion Controller, move your "cursor" fingers near to the menu panels. The menu items become highlighted as you move closer, and a selection occurs when your finger hovers directly above an item.

Each custom firework contains two independent style groups (named "A" and "B"). You can choose different colors, shapes, sizes, and settings for each group, and then watch them explode together! Certain menu panels include a left-side tab items for selecting the active style group.

The row of tab items along the bottom lets you switch between several menu panels:

The Stars, Tails, and Pyro panels control the colors, sizes, and shapes of the firework.
The Time panel controls the speed of time -- fast, slow, forward, or backward!
The Camera panel provides several ways to view and orbit around your firework.
The Share panel contains tools for saving and loading fireworks.
The View option hides all the panels -- sit back and enjoy the show!


Every possible firework that you can create receives a unique Firework ID. You can use this ID and firework image (from the Share menu) to share your creation online. You can also load and view any Firework ID that you find!

Support Indie VR!

Firework Factory VR is about more than just creating fireworks. This app represents an exploration into new virtual reality experiences and user interfaces by a small, independent software development company (Aesthetic Interactive). The user interfaces in Firework Factory VR are built upon Aesthetic Interactive's own Hover VR Interface Kit, which provides interface-building tools for VR, AR, and 3D input devices. Every purchase of Firework Factory VR supports the exploration and development of new VR experiences, products, and tools!