Finger-painting demo sketch

Finger-painting demo sketch using the LeapMotionP5 library from Neurogami
Download Executable Available for Windows.


Processing library for the Leap Motion Controller. Available for Windows only.

Finger Painter Demo

This is a low-feature demo sketch to show the use of the LeapMotionP5 library.

Its main value is in showing how to create an instance of LeapMotionP5, tell it to look for certain gestures, and provide custom Listener class methods to expose state. The sketch relies on the draw loop to pull data from the listener and decide what to do.

The sketch looks to see if the user is pinching, and if so it will paint to the screen. When the pinch is released the drawing stops, but the cursor continues to show your hand location.

The cursor/drawing color is based on the hand Z coordinate; as you move you hand in or out from the controller the color should change.

If you sweep your hand upwards the image is erased so you can start over.

The border of the sketch window changes based on the "confidence" value of the Leap Motion software. As you move your hand out of the device's detection range the border will change from black to red.

It's a code demo; there is no way to save, no undo. Some things can be configured in the data\config.jsi file, such as windows size, brush/cursor size, and the range of colors.

Copyright and license

Copyright James Britt / Neurogami

The code is released under the MIT license

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