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Unreal Engine 4
Integration by admin_test

The Leap Motion Unreal plugin provides a fast and easy way to add virtual hands to your games. Along with a demo mapping Leap Motion input to virtual hand meshes that can collide with other game objects, this introductory plugin includes HMD tracking mode and support for API features like grab strength, pinch strength, bone attributes, and left vs. right.

Currently, the plugin requires Windows 7+ 64-bit, and is available exclusively through the UE4 source code. Follow the steps in our documentation to access Unreal’s GitHub repository. From there, you can download the source code, build it, and get access to the plugin! For Unreal 4.8, please check our forum thread.

Future versions of Unreal binary tools will include Leap Motion support. Let us know what features you’d like to see next on our official forum thread or on the Unreal forums.

Get Unreal 4.7 Source + Plugin

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